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  • Repar 2

    Repar 2 – Safety Devices for Machine Tools REPAR 2 Safety Devices / Guards from Italy are designed for easy and quick installation on machine tools to protect operators…

  • Cellofoam

    WELCOME TO CELLOFOAM THE SPECIALIST FOR SOUND INSULATION AND ATTENUATION, LAMINATION, MOLDED NON-WOVENS AND GASKETS Noise is everywhere, it is an unwanted and sometimes unavoidable consequence of the extensive…

  • Wind Turbine Ventilator

    The Technical Operational Function of The WIND Turbine Ventilator The turbine ventilator operates by harnessing the full velocity energy of the wind to include an air flow by centrifugal…

  • Illbruck

    Illsonic baffle The cylindrical suspended absorber is designed for areas with limited headroom. The unique suspended absorber may be fixed horizontally, or alternatively suspended vertically for dramatic visual effects.…

Popular Portfolio Items (no excerpt)

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