is a completely new series of accident prevention mesh walls from Axelent. This series is in a class of its own in terms of quality, attention to detail, and safety in design. The entire system has been designed to make the work place as safe as possible.

The core of this product lies in the closely spaced mesh that increases safety yet saves on valuable space since it can be placed at a minimal safe distance. The fact that MasterGuard meets all conceivable, current EU standards is added proof that you can feel completely secure in your choice of an accident prevention mesh wall.

MasterGuard is available in various standard dimensions and is supplied on pallets direct from stock.


MasterBolt is a quick release system that allows you to remove part of a wall with a single tool. By removing the bolts from each of the top corners, the panel cab can be released and lowered to the floor, away from the shielded area. This is to prevent the panel from remaining in position when its fixings are removed. (MasterBolt complies with EN 953,5.4.3 & 5.4.4)